Access to veterinary services can be essential to your pet's health and well-being. At Animal Hospital of Collin County, our Allen, TX, team of professionals provides the services your pet may need to stay healthy. From adults to senior pets, you can rely on us to help your pet navigate the road to good health.


Our Veterinary Services

Our we have a range of services to help ensure we can provide our pet clients with the care and treatment they need for good health.

Some of our services include:

•             Veterinary acupuncture

•             Dental care

•             Vaccinations

•             Radiographs

•             Ultrasound

•             Surgery

•             Exotic pet care

•             Spaying and neutering

•             Parasite prevention

•             Microchipping

•             Euthanasia

Veterinary Acupuncture

Acupuncture techniques are used by our veterinarians to help animals who may be suffering from different conditions, such as arthritis, joint inflammation, and chronic back pain.

Dental Care

We will do a thorough examination for dental disease and then provide a treatment plan, potentially including a cleaning.


We can provide initial vaccinations for young pets followed by scheduled visits until fully inoculated, as well as annual vaccination updates.


Commonly referred to as X-rays, we use radiology to diagnose injuries or conditions in certain areas of your pet’s body, such as internal organs.


Our team can provide an ultrasound to get a better idea of the problems afflicting your pet. Ultrasound involves using sound waves to get clear images of the area.


Our hospital provides pre-surgery exams and potential lab work prior to performing surgery to determine the proper approach to your pet’s problem. During the procedure, your pet is monitored by our technicians.

Exotic Pet Care

Pet owners with exotic pets understand their pets have specific needs that need to be met to ensure good health. Our hospital is available to help exotics with preventative care and other treatments to help them get and stay healthy.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering pets is a common surgical procedure used to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to eliminate aggressive behavior. Pets receive anesthesia prior to the surgery and are monitored throughout the surgery from start to finish.

Parasite Prevention

Help keep your safe from parasites by using the proper parasite prevention medication.


If your pet ever gets lost, the microchip we implant in your pet can help you recover your pet if he is found by somebody else.


Making the decision about euthanasia for a beloved pet is difficult and emotional. Our caring and compassionate staff will do what they can to help prevent your pet from being scared or anxious and make him comfortable in a quiet environment as you say goodbye.

Get Veterinary Services from a Veterinarian Near You

Our veterinary services at Animal Hospital of Collin County are here to help you keep your pet happy healthy. Call our Allen, TX, office to get the support your pet needs today. Call us at (972) 727-5748 for veterinary services from a veterinarian near you.

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