Acupuncture for Animals

At Animal Hospital of Colin County located in Allen, TX, we can provide more than routine pet care. If you're looking for a natural, holistic way to help your pet with pain and other conditions, our team is happy to meet with you and take your time through the process of veterinary acupuncture. In the meantime, here’s some more information about animals and this alternative treatment.

Acupuncture for Animals

What Is Pet Acupuncture?

Just like human acupuncture, an animal will have long, thin needles inserted under the skin and into trigger points. As a result, natural chemicals like endorphins and serotonin, which are natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, are released. Many animals can benefit from this simple therapy, but responses may vary based on age, breed, and overall health.

What Types of Conditions Can Acupuncture Help in Pets?

Acupuncture can be used on its own or in conjunction with traditional medicine to potentially help treat a variety of conditions including:

•             Arthritis

•             Digestive issues

•             Post-surgical healing

•             Trauma

•             Hip dysplasia

•             Allergies

•             Asthma

•             Seizures

•             Dental issues

•             Back pain

•             Anxiety

•             Loss of appetite

Is Pet Acupuncture Safe?

The short answer is: Yes. This therapy has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine and has been an accepted practice all over the world for many years. In fact, some pets find it very relaxing and some even fall asleep during the session. As long as the needles are sterile and the person performing the treatment is well trained, there is very little chance of something going wrong.

What Are the Potential Benefits?

Aside from the potential pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects, acupuncture may help increase blood flow, oxygen levels, and help with the removal of toxins from the body. It may be a great alternative to pain medication if you are seeking to avoid giving any to your pets.

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