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Posted on 02-03-2017

You'll Be In My Heart

Hey there sports fans.  

Well... It's here.   The color pink is canvased across department stores across the nation.  Shelves are once again overflowing with candy and we have yet another holiday on the horizon. Love ballads and gushy hallmark movies abound. Yes. Valentines day is upon us, whether we like it or not, and following it is a time of year that becomes very important to everyone here at the Animal Hospital of Collin County.  

I am speaking of course about the season of Spring. Spring brings warmth, growth, and.... insects. I know, I know. It's only February and it's stayed in the 50's for a whole 3 days this week. It's too cold so we shouldn't have to worry about mosquitoes yet, right? Wrong! Mosquito larvae are viable and ready to develop now.  It only takes a few weeks for mosquitoes to develop and be able to transmit heartworm.  This is a big deal for our pets that are susceptible to this ugly disease. Did you know dogs aren't the only ones that can get heartworms? Our feline pets are susceptible to these nasty things too! Ferrets are also at risk for developing heartworm disease. Unfortunately for these patients, there is no treatment once they get heartworms!  Prevention is THE ONLY WAY to help them. I would urge everyone who owns a dog, cat or ferret to use a heartworm preventive in you pets year-round, regardless of indoor/outdoor status. If you haven't done it before, start now. We see pets who have only ever been kept indoors, develop heartworm disease. It only takes one bite from a mosquito. Heartworm disease is preventable. If you need help navigating products, please let us know! We are always happy to provide information to help keep your pets and our patients safe. 

But to quote Levar Burton, you don't have to take my word for it.  #readingrainbowfan  Check out these videos from the American Heartworm Society.  

Your pet deserves the best. We owe it to you to let you know what is the best.  I am here telling you that year-round heartworm preventive in dogs and cats (and ferrets too) is the best thing you can do to prevent heartworm disease, regardless of whether they are inside, outside, or both. Sentinel works great in dogs and we prefer Revolution in cats.  There are other products out there that will also protect your pets.  Always consult with your vet before choosing a heartworm preventive as you would with any other medication. It's what we are here for. 

Show your pet some love this February. Give them their heartworm preventive on time. That way, when you are jamming to Phil Collins' "You'll be in my heart" this Valentines Day, you won't have to worry about anything literally being inside your pet's heart.  #philcollinsisokwithme

Happy Early Valentines Day!

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